14 to 18 years old | In remission

51 – Grand Expedition Winter 2018 – Dog Sledding in the Algonquin Park, ON

Pomerleau_BLACK_80_reduced This expedition will offer 14 teenagers in remission of cancer a chance to live a unique dog sled expedition with other participants the same age and living similar reality.


March 3rd to 11 th 2018


Dog sled


Algonquin park, Ontario

Age group

14-18 years

Number of participants



Ethan Francis T. Ethan Francis T.
Megane T. Megane T.
Zackory Logan T. Zackory Logan T.
Aidan William P. Aidan William P.
Alexander W. Alexander W.
Emily K. Emily K.
Andrea Fei W. Andrea Fei W.
Tristan G. Tristan G.
Eric Christopher M. Eric Christopher M.
Taylor M. Taylor M.
Katie Rose Z.D. Katie Rose Z.D.
Alexandre N. Alexandre N.
Cameron B. Cameron B.


Marie-Camille Provencher
Marie-Michelle Paradis
Virginie Gargano
Mario Bilodeau

Along the path...

They did not know it was impossible.

So they did it.

-Mark Twain