Registration Deadline

31 January 2023

Number of Participants

400 maximum


Be one of the lucky people who will have the chance to mark the history of Lac Saint-Jean by taking up the physical and psychological challenge of the CRYO Races! In February, step out of your living room and brave the cold, embrace the night to change the lives of young people with cancer.

Different options are on the program allowing runners, skiers and cyclists to find a challenge that meets their desire.

There are four events to choose from: 37 km* Crossing running race, the 13 km* Micro-CRYO running race, the Fat-Lac!, a 34 km bike crossing and the Ski-Lo!, a 34 km cross-country skiing crossing event.

Visit the CRYO Races website for all details.

Registration fees

The Crossing (37 km)
100$ registration fee and 1 000$ in fundraising

The Micro-CRYO (13 km)
50$ registration fee and 50$ in fundraising

The Fat-Lac! (34 km)
100$ registration fee and 500$ in fundraising

The Ski-Lo! (34 km)
100$ registration fee and 500$ in fundraising

Change the life of a young person affected by cancer!