Grande expédition hiver 2018 (14-18) - Jour 3

The mood is warming up, friendships are emerging, and tongues are loosening. We warm up on the lake by playing a hockey. Two hours go by in a blink of the eye. The lake is crackling. The players scream enthusiastically.

We leave tomorrow! We must pack today.

The facilitators stop by the rooms making sure nothing is missing; it’s a chaos full of joys and outdoor clothes. It’s like a huge family going on vacation. In spite of the comfort and hospitality, we are eager to leave the camp especially for the adventure.

This afternoon we are practicing leadership, organization and team spirit by playing together on three wooden boards. How? The rule of the game is simple: standing next to one another other, we must find our place in alphabetical order without falling off the board. Easy to do? Almost impossible! So we have to coordinate our movements and… it requires rigour and solidarity. We’ll need it in the next few days.

Evening meeting: we talk to each other, take stock of the day.

We also make things clear: we have a long way to go together and life in a group can never be taken for granted.

Hubert Hayaud, Blogger and Photographer for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation