Yes, twenty years of Shave-O-Thon does leave its mark. And not only on the heads of the thousands of people who have taken the challenge, not to mention all these people who have contributed to their fundraising. It leaves marks both in their hearts and in history!

Contributing now to the Legacy of an Exceptional Young Woman campaign is a great sign of recognition for the courage shown by young people with cancer and also the thousands of people who have been shaved out of compassion for them.

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A message from Dominique Larouche and Réjean Côté, co-founders of Marie-Hélène Côté Shave-O-Thon

When we organized the very first Shave-O-Thon in our backyard in St-Bruno in August 2001, we never thought that it would have been possible to mobilize so many people—people like you, who have been shaved, who have volunteered or contributed as a participant in the Marie-Hélène Côté Shave-O-Thon, named in honour of our daughter who died 20 years ago.

We thought that if we succeeded in financing the participation of even one young person with cancer in one of the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation’s therapeutic adventure expeditions, it would already be a great victory. Well … 20 years later, the Shave-O-Thon alone has supported 470 young people! We are incredibly proud of this. Thanks to people like you. Therefore, we want to say thank you.

And the most SINCERE thank you. Losing a child is an immensely difficult ordeal. Your involvement and the presence of all these people—shaved, contributors, volunteers—allowed us to get through our grief. Hundreds of hugs… receiving so much love is amazing!

After 20 years of Marie-Hélène Côté Shave-O-Thon, we want to write a new chapter.

It is important to continue the work started. The festive event held in St-Bruno each May will now give way to a legacy that will be just as important: an annual campaign in the Shave-O-Thon’s colours!

And now, we now invite you to make a donation to the annual Legacy of an Exceptional Young Woman, campaign, without having to shave your head or send your donation to someone who has chosen to shave out of compassion for young people with cancer.

Part of our heart did die in February 2001, and nothing can replace our beloved daughter. Fortunately, the On the Tip of the Toes foundation heals the souls of young people as well as those of their parents such as us. Thank you in advance for allowing them to continue their important work, so necessary.

Réjean and Dominique

What the numbers are saying

  • 1418 braves that got shaved!
  • 400 volunteers!
  • 21 honorary presidents!
  • 2,400 000$ raised thanks to generous donors!
  • And most importantly…470 young people in expedition!

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An exceptional young woman

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