Dernier jour dans les bois

These are our last few hours of sledding. For our last day, the participants are among themselves. Our guides trust them enough to let them manage a sled of 5 dogs on their own.

A well-deserved great sign of trust acquired by our young people in the last days. Unthinkable and unbelievable, since not so long ago some of the participants were still afraid of dogs!

Once at the camp, showering and packing for everyone.

Our evening will be devoted to a final group sharing; Mario Bilodeau explains to us the meaning of the name of the Foundation: “stand on the tiptoe to be tall and see further, tiptoe to take care”.

And then comes the time to summarize our experience in one single word: Wow, memorable, friendship, inspiration, novelty, mutual aid, connexion, nature, strong, empowerment, pleasure, simplicity, laughter, and journey.

Tomorrow we’ll get up early to catch the bus. But what about tonight? We stay up late to enjoy it.

Hubert Hayaud, Blogger and Photographer for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation