Participants and parents

Absolutely not! All of our expeditions are entirely free!

Our expeditions have always been made up of French-speaking and English-speaking participants. All communication is done in both French and English. We believe that the mixing of cultures is an added benefit for the participants on our expeditions.

Of course! Our expeditions are suitable for beginners. In fact, they are frequently the participants’ first outdoor adventure experience. However, if your concern arises from your physical limitations, you are advised to discuss this with your doctor.

Our Getaway Expeditions are exclusively for young people under treatment. However, our Great Expeditions are open to young people who have completed their treatment and who have been in remission for a minimum of one month and a maximum of 5 years. That said, in the past we have accepted young people who have been in remission for over 5 years but who were living with permanent side effects.

Unfortunately not. Unlike regular camps, adventure expeditions allow a very limited number of participants – 10 to 15 people per expedition. We prefer to reserve these places for young people with cancer.

Except in the case of an emergency or other special circumstance, there is usually no contact between the participants and their families during the trip. We believe that participants get more benefit from their expedition that way.

Most likely. We will take the time to discuss this with the participant in question and, if needed, his doctor will also participate in the discussion. In any case; if it is deemed inappropriate for a participant to take part in one of our Great Expeditions, they may consider participation in one of our Getaway expeditions.