Grande expédition hiver 2018 (14-18) - Jour 5

It snowed last night. So, it’s full of joy that we’re on our way to find the traces left by the animals.

It’s an amazing stroll along the river bank. Donald, our guide, can identify the traces of the otters that played before throwing themselves into the river or those of two foxes that were hunting. Squirrels, partridges, hares, we can clearly see that all these animals are active at night all around us. We vtake the time to stop and listen to the silence for a while. A very restful and inspiring moment.

Back at camp, we spend the day learning how to harness the dogs and how to start a fire without lighters or matches, and even how to set snares to catch small animals.

Stephanie prepares the Indigenous traditional bread: bannock, also known as “camper’s bread”. We cook it on the stove at the end of a stick and eat it after sprinkling it with cinnamon. A source of delight and pride at the same time!

Despite the changes in plans brought about by the rain in the days before our arrival, our young people are resilient and adaptable without ever complaining. Everyone is involved, whether it’s when they have to do things out of obligation or voluntarily.

Tomorrow will be a great day, one we have all been waiting for… We’ll get up early and get to the kennel. We’ll go dogsledding!

Hubert Hayaud, Blogger and Photographer for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation.