Alumni Working Committee

This working committee, made up entirely of past participants of On the Tip of the Toes Expeditions, aims to mobilize and reinforce the sense of belonging and pride felt by past participants.

Members of this committee work to unite all former participants of Foundation expeditions into a large community and to take action to ensure that the bonds that unite them remain alive and well.

The first Alumni working committee was formed in the summer of 2018, in order to lay the foundations for this project. Its members are :

  • Roxane Bilodeau, Qc, 2013 Grand Expedition – Missinaibi River
  • Laurence Yelle, Qc, 2012 Grand Expedition -Assiniboine
  • Alexandra Sardou, Qc, 2018 Getaway Expedition & 2019 Grand Expedition – Gaspésie
  • Marie-Hélène Marcoux, Qc, 2000 Grand Expedition – Ellesmere
  • Ariele Wagner, Qc, 2016 Grand Expedition – Magpie
  • Valerie Bouchard, Qc, 2016 Grand Expedition – Magpie
  • Marine Bazian-Pinède, Qc, 2017 Grand Expedition – Charlevoix


  • To encourage former participants to contribute to the promotion, outreach, governance and funding of the foundation;
  • To initiate and promote activities and events aimed at bringing former participants together in a positive and inclusive context;
  • To integrate former participants into the various activities and events proposed by the committee;
  • In the long term, to maintain and augment the psychosocial benefits of participating in an expedition: breaking isolation, having fun and feeling pleasure, becoming aware of personal strengths and improving the quality of relationships with peers.
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