Grande expédition hiver 2018 (14-18) - Jour 9

Here we are back to the starting point. But a geographical starting point only… There is a whole universe of differences between the group of young people we met at the beginning of the journey and today!

We have accomplished a lot together. Definitely, there will be a before and an after this expedition.

There is quite a difference between the outward and the return journey. If one perceived shyness and discomfort during the first journey, the atmosphere on the bus is now one of complicity, trust, honest friendships, and cascades of laughter.

And then, already Montreal. A little too quickly, by the way. Now is the time to go our separate way.

The time for farewells… Or goodbye, we’d rather say…

Hubert Hayaud, blogger and Photographer for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation