Grande expédition hiver 2018 (14-18) - Jour 6

This morning, we are leaving Craig camp under the fresh snow. A four-kilometre walk and we find our dogs. Harnessing the dogs is less easy to do in the tumult and excitement of departure than the day while we were practising.

Our goal for the day is to cover 25 kilometres. A first for many of us. Quickly, everyone takes their place, gets used to their dogs and everything goes perfectly. We are all surprised by the effort it requires. No sitting down and letting yourself be pulled. On the contrary, we have to push, run, jump, bend. When we arrived at the Twin Lakes camp, everyone said:”I didn’t think it would be so difficult”.

And it’s not over: we have to tie up the dogs, thank them, give them fresh straw, put away the sleds, feed them. We have to cut wood and fetch water from the lake. Some even find the strength for a snowball fight.

First day of dog sledding and, ironically tonight, we are eating hot dogs.

Hubert Hayaud, Blogger and Photographer for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation