Internship Opportunities

Each year, the On the Tip of the Toes foundation welcomes a few interns in order to fulfill specific needs. A unique opportunity to learn from experienced professionals while contributing to the cause!

Adventure Guides

We’re open to receive applications from students in the adventure tourism field to collaborate with our team with the logistics and the supervision of our various outdoor events. Menus development, equipement planification and management, facilitation of preparatory meetings with participants: here are a few tasks you might be asked to take responsability of in the context of an adventure logistics internship.

Psychosocial Professionals

We’re hoping to offer every intern the opportunity to live an interesting experience and leave with significant new knowledge. Unfortuntely, the tasks associated with our regular projects doesn’t allow us to reach the standards for a professional internship in psychosocial intervention.

We sometimes develop pilot projects, for which the support of psychosocial professionals becomes relevant. The evaluation of applications thus depends on the intern’s competencies and objectives, but also and especially on the foundation’s needs during the aimed period for the internship.

N.B. In order to limit the number of people surrounding the groups, we usually don’t accept observation internship offers during our expeditions. Moreover, please note that the volunteers on our medical teams on the field must have completed their studies; thereby, this type of contribution can’t be used as an internship opportunity.


Apply for an Internship

You’re looking for an internship in the context of your studies and you’re interested in the the intervention through nature and adventure approach? The first step is to complete our application form.