Lucie, Bryson et Laura

What a quiet night compared to previous ones! No rain, no wind, barely any snoring. Towards the end of the night, I still had some cold sweat when I heard the wolves howling in the forest, not that far away.

But what are you talking about? It wasn’t wolves; it was a couple of loons on the reservoir.

That is what I was saying: a couple of loonies were singing the Canadian dollar anthem. …

I managed to get back to sleep for a little while, but not long. You had to get up early to return to the reception office. Today is Departure Day. What? We already have to go back home? Are you sure that some hundred-year-old trees haven’t fallen across the road? As I said, I’m prepared to stay for another day or two.

We collected our equipment and filled the watertight barrels. Bryson and I are helping to take down the tent and bring the material from the bank up the hill. How many times have I done it in the last three days? I’m starting to get used to it, but I’m still out of breath halfway through it. I feel like I’m training for a marathon! Fortunately, my parents cannot see me, I would have no excuse for not to participating to the house chores. In fact, I realize how rewarding it is to do my part.

Hugo, the photographer from La Presse, takes a picture of us all before the final boarding. Looking at the size of his lens, I’m willing to bet that his pictures are going to be a lot brighter than our blogger’s with his match-box sized camera.

“This morning, you are responsible for launching the boats. We’ll give you a hand, but we won’t say anything.” It must be a good sign, and they trust us. Once again, Madeline takes the leadership in a very natural way, and in no time, we are ready to cast off.

We have 15 minutes on the water to get to the base plein air. In fact, there are less than 15 minutes left, because we are going to race.

Participants in one Rabaska; organizers in the other. We are warmed up, they have no chance against us. It is true that, at the starting signal, we had a few glitches with direction, but we caught up in a fabulous way. We reached the finish line with at least 3 lengths ahead of adults. If they tell you they won, don’t believe them. We are the real winners all the way.

That was a great ride!

Jack is true to himself and appreciates the good times. What a contagious smile this guy has.

Ah!! The shower did me some good! I feel so much lighter!

How do you say « my name is…” ?

While we are waiting for lunch and everyone is ready, we take the opportunity to learn more of the other official language.

I feel like I have known these people for months, yet we have only known each other for four days. It is clear that I will have to go on a longer expedition with the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation.

Tonight I go home, and tomorrow it’s the blood test and the chemo again. Pick line, Port-o-cath, pump, IV lines, Decadron, Zofran … the routine. I am convinced that my immune system is fully boosted. Bring your chemo. I return with a whole new energy and with the desire, more than ever, to live.