Adam et Jasmine

This morning marks the beginning of the great adventure. We are preparing our barrels, and waterproof bags; today, we will be on the water! After a short game on the beach to warm up, the group is divided between the two large voyageur canoes. From the start, the atmosphere settles. Whether it is Alexandra’s songs or Samuel’s games, everyone is having fun. Laughter and songs almost make us forget the cold wind and cloudy skies. As Marie-Michelle says, “The weather is a little grey, but it’s sunny in the canoes”

The pace is good and we reach Eagle Island just in time for lunch. The “Vanessa’s boat restaurant” is waiting for us with a warm soup around a campfire. A well-deserved break to warm up and relax a little.

The second half of the journey goes by very quickly. We are all surprised to arrive so quickly at our campsite. It must be said that the wind in our back helped and facilitated our paddle strokes. Back on the mainland, the fresh wind having cooled us down, there is only one way to warm up… The “Big fat poney dance” in honour of Marie-Camille, another Foundation volunteer. A dance that makes us all laugh and move. The result is there, we are no longer cold!

We discover our campsite. A beautiful forest along the beach will be our home for one evening. Together, we must now set up our tent. A large dome where the 12 of us will sleep. A well-organized teamwork and it’s done. This gives us free time before mealtime. Each wave has a task. Of course, small groups continue to get to know each other and deepen friendships. Everything is calm.

On the waterfront, Adam and Roxanne teach fishing techniques to Leena and Nikki, around the fire, some sew and others discuss. Under the last rays of the sun, we enjoy nature, these moments together. What a joy it is to be here, to let go and to live, simply.

The verdict of the day is clear: “A Big Deep Fried 9 out of 10,” Charles claims. Everyone is grateful for the volunteers’ work. It’s so nice not to have to worry about what’s coming, what’s to be done after, meals, medication. We just have to follow, enjoy, and have fun. The logistics team, Mario, Louis and Vanessa, gets a round of applause for their hard work and the delicious meals they prepare for us. The expectations of the day have been met and we are all proud of the work accomplished. We learn more about the outdoors benefits. It is by far the best treatment for the soul and the heart.