Saturday started with a surprise wake up for Marie-Eve’s birthday. She woke up to the sound of party flute. For the rest of the day, everytime someone made a small noise with their flute, all the participants started the happy birthday song all together with their flute.

After a queen breakfast made of morning burritos served on birthday napkins, Marie-Eve suggest to take a moment to connect with their environment. Each of the participants chose a tree with wich they will talk to and find a goal or an intention for the day. Then, in groups of two, they presented their tree to one another.

Afterwhile, the group head off direction Los Palmos, under a summer sun and a perfectly flat sea. Anna and Amanda took the lead with the rabaskas assuming the helmswoman’s role all morning long. After lunch break, Annie and Melissa took the rabaskas helm. The group floated for another 6 km before to get to Natjelaime tip around 4 pm. Various participants enjoy that moment for a dip. Water was still cold, but that didn’t stop them.

For tonight’s festive dinner, there is squash soup, beetroot rissoto and Crème brûlée, special request from Marie-Eve. The day end up with a group discussion where a common word and mindset is shared from both participants and volunteer; gratitude.

(Note to readers: Our photograph and blogger volunteer couldn’t make it to the adventure as she was having some flu symptoms. So this is an experimental version written by our office team after communicating with our outdoor team. For that reason, there will also be less pictures than usually.)