Marie-Lyne Pelletier


Adventure Enthusiast

Nature’s spectacle is always amazing and jumping in always brings us peace and strength which help us go through life obstacles. I grew up by a mountain, the Mont Saint-Bruno, and as a child, it was my playground, and my favorite discovery spot. We always feel good in the forest. Very early, my dream to discover new hiking areas guided my path to new destinations such as the Appalachian, the Adirondacks and the Grand Canyon. Every time, the magic of these places filled my hearth with a nurturing energy.

I always loved nature; we owe it so much. This is why I chose to become a biologist, to work towards its protection and to discove its secrets. I gave myself the objective to share my knowledge about the diversified environments we’re part of. We always have something to learn…

Now, I live in a small village along the St-Lawrence river and I take every opportunity I get to wander, either on my bike, in my hiking boots or skiing. These moments make us grow, smiles we cross lighten sparks, and it make us love the world we live in. We neve have enough! Adventures in the nature are rich in souvenirs and learnings, expriences that make us grow and evoluate.

The On the Tip of the Toes foundation has a mission that inspires me and that gives me the motivation to get involve at the hearth of its project to offer motivating experiences to youth affected by cancer. An adventure in the nature with other youth with a similar background and involved staff will bring them the energy to face the obstacles on their way. I want to get involved personnally to support the foundation and to continue spreading their dreams and challenges. Let’s put on our booties and work together to improve their journey.

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My Past Adventures

Everest Basecamp

A 12-day trek in the Himalayas, November 2012. A unique experience!

Inca Trail and Machu Pichu

5-day trek in the Andes

Cyclo-challenge against cancer

Cycling from Montreal to Quebec for a great cause