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Adventure Enthusiast

Like my mother used to say, “nature is stronger than everything”. These simple words always made a lot of sense to me. Nature generously offers all the tools needed to live the human experience to its fullest: the feeling of freedom, amazement, revitalization, self-discovery… When one understands that, the adventure options are infinite; all we need to do is to dive into it and get the best out of it!

Originally from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Montérégie, I started to appreciate outdoor activities at a pretty young age. Starting with family camping trips, I got to organize my own hiking and cycling excursions over time,  solo or with some friends. Every outdoor adventure was a reason to explore unknown territories and to get a taste of freedom. Since then, my interest for the outdoors never stopped growing, notably as I spent a year studying in Gaspésie, a vast playground where I had an amazing time. Actually, it’s been so exciting that I decided to continue my studies in adventure tourism in order to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to share this passion.

Everyone who knows me will tell you, one of my biggest passion in life is monocycling, a sporting discipline I learned in a circus camp a few years ago and that literrally became a lifestyle. This unusual activity brought me into various adventures in the nature around the province of Quebec and offered my the opportunity to meet with incredible people. I really enjoyed my past expedition experiences on my faithful mount; they made me feel alive. This is why in 2021, I’m planning an ambitious solo expedition on my “one-wheel” crossing the Gaspesian peninsula through its mountains and forests!

A friend of mine introduced me to the On the tip of the Toes foundation and its mission seduced me right away! Allow youth with cancer regain self-confidence, live enriching experiences while creating durable connexions with others in the nature, here’s a noble cause, don’t you think? This is why I decided to associate my next monocycle adventure to a fundraising campaign to help this formidable organization! 🙂

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My Past Adventures

Winter cyclotourism in the Eastern Townships

170 km monocycling in 4 days on the roads and cycle ways of the Eastern Townships, winter camping

Winter monocycle expedition in the Forillon National Park

70 km monocycling in 2 days between Gaspé and the Forillon National Park