Big fat poney

We gently wake up at dawn. The mist is still floating over the lake and we already feel that the day will be warmer. Breakfast around the campfire is a real pleasure. The smell of toast on charcoal and Catherine’s music on her ukulele accompanies us. Anick and Emily are joining her, and we have a very charming little improvised concert.

Once the camp is dismantled, we are ready to leave in the canoes. The beach is the perfect place to stretch, take the time to breathe, enjoy the moment, and rethink of our goals. And of course, we couldn’t have left without a “big fat pony”, that’s it, the tradition is there!

Now that we are comfortable on the water, we can take turns steering the Rabaska. The helmsman is the person sitting at the back completely, he’s the one steering it. A new challenge that everyone likes to take on. The White Fish landscape unfolds in front of our eyes as do the fall colours and it’s beautiful. We discover a new tiny island on which it is good to nap in the sun. From canoe to canoe, we always hear songs, games, laughter, chats.

The logistics team is waiting on another island for lunch. We are enjoying this well-deserved break and the sunshine is warming us up. Some nap, some play frisbee and some decide to jump in the water. Roxanne, Charles and Adam are the three brave ones! The adventure would not have been complete without a swim, according to Roxanne.

The site is so beautiful that we choose it for our official group photos. After several photos and many laughs, we are back on the water. We still have a long way to go to get to tonight campsite.

We sail gently, rocked by the waves, listening to the Canadian Geese honking. We take a moment of silence. A moment of peace. A moment to be present, to breathe, to enjoy the experience fully, to immerse oneself in it in order to remember it better afterwards.

A few kilometres away, we are already t our campsite. We have to go up a little hill and in the forest to get there. The quiet forest, the smell of the pines, the sound of the wind in the trees, the gently falling sun. Nature at its best.

It is a quiet evening, again today, and we are all very proud of ourselves, with a smile on our faces. The campfire warms us up while waiting for supper. Together for our last expedition night, reminiscing our best moments, sharing our experience, singing and laughing. Chatting full of laughter and emotion.

The night will be good.