It’s Sunday morning, the sun is shining, we hear the melody of a ukulele mixed with the wind that moves the leaves. What a beautiful way to wake up. Since yesterday evening, the group started the transition to the last step of the adventure; last night around the bonfire, last Sharing Circle, last breakfast with the view of Poisson Blanc reservoir. All these last steps are important to notice to make sure everybody has a healthy transition on their way back and after the group will split up.

The last day is very busy. Participants wake up, pack their gear , take down the tents, close the barrels. Everything done before breakfast, wich they enjoy near the bonfire with the sun shining thru the giant hemlock’s leafs.

For the last rabaska ride, participants are all together in one of the boat while volunteers are all together in the second one. The group didn’t hesitate and chose Melissa as their helmswoman. She was determined in her role and led her team safely to their last destination. Quickly, the numerical strenght of the group of 10 participants is seen. They are way further than the Tip of the Toes team of 5. After putting all their strenght to get closer to the first boat, the second boat realised that the first one had stopped paddling and was simply drifting in silence as they were getting closer to the end of this beautiful adventure. Camilla had this idea of mindfulness as she wanted to truly acknowledge the beauty of this experience and soak in one last time.

Finally on land, the group meet up on the beach to celebrate the success of this adventure with a last moment of craziness all together. Singing out loud and dancing on Big Fat Poney song. Last step; give back all the equipment, wash it, dry it and pack for the way back.

After a well deserved warm shower, the group met for a last lunch at Air-Eau-Bois cafeteria. The group was already starting to split up because some of the participants were not taking the bus. The group thanked Marie-Ève and the logistic team made of Louis-Etienne, Charles-Antoine, and Karl. On their way to Montreal, the group let Amanda near Gatineau. Even though they were tired and some had travel sickness , everybody was talking to each other sharing stories all the way.

Goodbyes are very emotional for some, but they remember what Marie-Michelle shared; a sentence of our mentor Mario Bilodeau wich goes like: don’t be sad today because you aren’t loosing anything. All these people, you didn’t know any of them 5 days ago. You just made 9 new friends, you aren’t loosing them.

To all the participants, have a good way back home, have a good rest and a smooth continuation.