Expédition hiver 2017 - Jour 4

The participants that were sleeping in the tent woke up fresh and rosy, they had slept particularly well in the fresh air. So, this morning, we slept in; we woke up at 7:30 and ate waffles, everything to put teenagers in confidence, it was total luxury. Then, as young people are now well accustomed to the routine, luggage was quickly packed and the dogs were fast harnessed and we were off dashing on the trails.

The route was a little more technical this morning, just a little morechallenging. The trails were a bit icy and not always levelled. It was necessary to use our weight to control the sled in the turns. It was quite fun and the teams were particularly successful.

We stopped for lunch on the trail. We covered a total of 17 kilometres today. Arriving early, part of the group put on snowshoes and went to explore a path towards a second refuge perched a little higher. For many, it was a first time on snowshoes and the view of the lake and the mountains was worth the climb.

When they returned, the atmosphere in the shelter was excellent. Despite a day of sledding and snowshoeing, the general level of energy was 11 out of 10. Everyone wassent to bed; tomorrow may require a little more energy than today. It is snowing hard, the wind picked up. The storm a thing of the past in the morning but, there will be a good layer of snow on the 32 kilometres of trails and it will significantly slow down the sleds.

Tomorrow, it will surely have to help our dogsa little. But fortunately, as Mario Bilodeau taught us, there is no better toilet paper a good dose of fresh snow … and Catherine Provost reminding everyone to wash their hands after! On these wise words, sleep time! See you tomorrow.

Isabelle Robinson, Blogger and Photographer for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation