Christopher Blackmore’s incredible story


In the year 2000, Christopher Blackmore flew with On the Tip of the toes Foundation team to Ellesmere Island. This expedition would mark a turning point in his life. We talked to Christopher a few months ago and he agreed to share his journey of the last 18 years. Discover with us Christopher Blackmore’s  incredible story.
Prior to his cancer diagnosis, Christopher practiced several sports. However, like many young people in his situation, he struggled to regain his strength before treatment and lost confidence in his abilities. It’s once the hike on Ellesmere Island was completed that he realized he could still perform incredible feats, when his mind was set on it. To this day, Christopher fondly remembers the participants with whom he had the opportunity to take part in the adventure.

Their strength and determination in their fight against cancer have inspired me to this day.

Once back home, the fighters he had just met inspired him in his career choice. It was decided, he was now going to devote his life to fighting cancer by becoming an oncologist. From that day, he never looked back and kept working towards his dream.

In hindsight, I would say to the 15-year-old Christopher that success requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. It’s true what they say, there is no success without a little bit of pain!

Today’s Christopher, who describes himself as an eternal optimist with a tendency to be a workaholic, has since steered his career to become a paediatric surgeon.

He is completing his studies at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary with the feeling that he has achieved great success in his medical years. With a Master’s degree in Medical Education Sciences, Christopher will be, in August 2018, a paediatric surgeon in Halifax , where he hopes to expand his family and spend quality time with his loved ones and his dog!