Catherine LaRoche

CRYO Races Co-Manager

Catherine thrives on projects with a human dimension. For over ten years, she has been organizing events dear to her heart. After South Africa, California, Switzerland, and the United States, she realized that it is in Quebec that life is best and decides to stay for good. As soon as she was approached by the Foundation, she seized the opportunity to use her event planning skills. It’s simple: nothing is better than working with passionate people!

Catherine’s mind works very much like an Excel file. For her, everything must be organized, clear and in its place. There is nothing as exciting as creating budgets, timelines, and flowcharts! If she’s not at her computer working on one of the many projects and events that bring her to life, she will be outside enjoying nature, either running, paddleboarding, hiking or just enjoying the beach. What if she’s not outside? She is surely discovering a new board game with her family and friends.