I have an idea! Let’s play Survivor! Like in the TV show I love. But instead of voting to eliminate one participant in each game, we need to include more and more participants in the group’s activities. We were all strangers four days ago. We still have eight days to join together.

First challenge, to carry all the equipment perched up in the cabins to the bank of the Reservoir, sorting out the barrels carried in the zodiac from the day bags that we will bring with us. Everyone brings their own things for sure, but already there are some who offer to help others or to carry the common luggage. And it’s not as easy as it sounds. The coast is steep and the barrels are heavy! Madeline is an example of initiative.

Second challenge, we get into both zodiacs to get to the large René Levasseur Island in the centre of the Reservoir. We realize that to be effective, we must synchronize our paddle stroke. Everyone is doing their part, each according to their abilities. We all would like to have Samuel the football player’s physical strength. And yet, everyone’s contribution counts. We see it when we all begin to row at the same time: we move so much faster!

Once on our little island, I feel totally like a “survivor”. We are lost at the end of the world and our survival depends on us only! But nature is on our side. It’s nice and warm, as I never dared to hope it would be in the northern Côte-Nord! It’s so much better than at Oka Beach!

The immensity of the water is appealing. Next challenge: jumping into the cold water. We managed to include more than half of the group. Even I, who is known to be skittish, let myself be carried by the wave. I put on my bathing suit. One… Two… Three… I dive at once into the waves! If my parents saw me, they wouldn’t believe it! It’s so not my style to swim in the cold water. Still, it’s really fun!

Then, fishing rallies a big part of the group with Mario. It’s a magical place to come and cast a line. It seems that there are barely 200 fishermen who venture this far from major centres every year. Fortunately, the cooks have planned other things for supper … but at least we have improved our casting.
I am one of those who broke the ricochet record. I didn’t catch anything for supper!

Through all this, every task in the camp is an opportunity to do our part. There are tents to set up, meals to cook, toilets to install, dishes to clean. Florence is pretty proud of the installation she made with Fabricio so that we can relieve nature’s calls in complete privacy. They worked quite hard. I still wonder if we are not at risk of falling into the hole. I think I’ll skip my turn for today…

There are plenty of opportunities to take our place and put the shoulder to the wheel. Each challenge creates more cohesion, more links between us. We are all “survivors” from the start when we think of it. This expedition is our way of bringing this truth to light, all together.