Pincez-moi quelqu’un!

Someone, pinch me! Am I dreaming? It’s too good to be true. The weather had promised us a week of rain, wind and a temperature near the freezing point. However, the sun far outweighs the few threatening clouds and we jump in the water in front of the camp every day.

I’m a shy guy, I didn’t know anyone in the group last week and I hardly speak English. Yet, I have made more friends in a week than in my last year at school. And French- and English-speaking friends!

Last night after dinner on the beach, we had a chicken fight. It was hilarious! Even I joined the party. Zachery was on fire. He is the big winner of the tournament. And it’s been a long time since I laughed that much!

Then, when the darkness set in, we had a werewolf party. It was the first time I played that. You had to see Zach twitching with laughter! I must say that I didn’t really understand the game and I didn’t know how to vote to choose a victim. It made everyone laugh, including me.

I would have played all night around the campfire. But Marie-Michelle subtly made us understand that it was time to go to our tents. Of course, we have to sleep a little if we want to have energy to have the canoes moving the next day.

We are starting to be pretty good at setting up the camp and dismounting it in the morning. We leave a little for the accompaniers so that they don’t feel completely useless, but sincerely we could do without them. I do not want my parents to learn that. These are plans for them to start asking me to do the dishes and the kitchen!

Rowing today was almost too easy. Beautiful sun, barely windy. We started to sing all kinds of songs in French and English. “O U, O Ursula, for you my love, my heart burns! ”. But the highlight of the show was Lily. The two canoes met at the foot of an imposing rock wall. This is where Lily gave us an opera performance. With the cliff’s echo, it was grand. I had goosebumps!

The blogger shouldn’t hear us when we are chatting next to our tents. So much hilarious nonsense is said. What if he would send that to our parents: what a shame! But here, I feel good about loosening up and letting go.

We are already halfway through our adventure. On the one hand, I have the impression that I’ve always been here. On the other hand, I realize that there is so little time left before returning to civilization.

I definitely want to enjoy every moment before he faints.