Expédition Rite de passage

Here we are in the bus bringing us back to Quebec, where our farewells will take place, the real end of this group’s adventure. We will then scatter according to the roads and flights choose to travel, to the four corners of the country.

Last night, we even made a general practice, around the fire. Officially, it was to say goodbye to Karl, Dominique, Coralie and Frédérique, our faithful technical team who supported us tirelessly from beginning to end. But we also took the opportunity to begin to prepare for the great separation that was coming.
One can say that we were all heavy hearted…

This trip is a sort of initiatory trip for us. It was a lot of first times for us.

My first time so far from home and from my parents.
My first time in rabaska or canoe.
My first time camping.
My first time so far from civilization.
My first time sharing my life with people I knew so little.
My first group experience.
My first “black flies” meal.
My first time really trying to speak English.
My first complete sentences in French.
My first time singing in a group.
My first time in Quebec.
My first time eating tofu.
My first opportunity to really share what the disease has made me experience.
My first loonie.
The first time I go to the toilet in the woods.
The first (and last!) I fall into the toilet in the woods.
My first time fishing.
My first trip by plane.
The first time I notice the starry night.
My first Werewolf game.
My first hot dog in a tortilla!

We are not quite the same as two weeks ago. Now for us, there will be a before and after Manicouagan.

We are arriving at the Tadoussac ferry.

Québec City is around the corner.

Tonight, I’ll be back with you again, my family.

I cannot wait to take you in my arms.