The Foundation

François Veillet bénévole

François Veillet, Senior Vice-President and Private Portfolio Manager at Fiera Capital,has been actively involved with the Foundation since its beginnings. At the time, his sister-in-law was working with therapeutic adventure pioneers in Canada to find financial partners that would allow young people with cancer to experience exceptional expeditions. François officially met these people only when he prepared for the expedition to Ellesmere Island. Seduced by the mission that inspired Mario Bilodeau, François Guillot, Annick Dufresne and Linda Hershon, François agreed to use his expertise by joining the Board of Directors.

For this dynamic man who considers himself lucky to have a healthy family, it was a privilege to give back. Over the years, he recruited the Board of Directors members, which strengthened the organization. Always curious about what is going on, he remains focused on the reason leading him to get involved: young people.

By getting involved, I wanted to leave my mark in society, do something concrete for young people with cancer. On numerous occasions, I met with them at the departure and arrival of the expeditions. Seeing them transformed is the greatest reward we can hope for!

For this martial arts enthusiast for now 16 years, such involvement would not have been possible without the unconditional support of his spouse, Francine. He describes her as the perfect woman! In all spheres of his life, François places great importance on teamwork and the support of his network. He said that is one of the reasons he was able to help raise several million dollars for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation.

Every year, at the Celebrate Life event, François shows us how much he cares about the Foundation’s mission, and we thank him very much for it.

Thank you, François, for being here from the very beginning and to have helped to bring therapeutic adventures a reality for hundreds of young Canadians.