It is still dark. We can hear the gentle rain falling on the tent, the rustling leaves dancing in the wind, and Catherine’s sweet melody on the ukulele softly waking us up. Alexandra quickly quotes Joe Dassin’s words. It’s early, but you can already hear the laughter through the tent.

One last time we enjoy our location and the outdoor breakfast. The smell of toasted bread on the campfire and hot chocolate comfort us, and luckily, the rain has stopped. On the waterfront, with eyes wide open, we stock up on these landscapes that leave us speechless. Take the time, print this moment in our memory so that we can never forget it and be able to return to it if necessary.

Once the tents taken down, it is now time to make our last Rabaska trip. The distance is short and the teams are ready. There will be one Rabaska for the participants and one for the organizers … ready, set, GO! The first to get on the other side wins!

Last moments on the water, last moment in nature, we end this adventure with a joyful heart and filled with memories. New friendships, moments of pride, transcending oneself, sharing, kindness to others and above all, to ourselves. We learned a great deal during those four days, but above all we lived. We took time for ourselves and the benefits of the adventure made their mark.

It’s the end of the expedition, but it’s also a new beginning. The perfect time to revisit our goals, our plans, our dreams. For many, this expedition was the first step. We can now move on to the second, and then to the third, and so on.

Back in Montreal, it’s time for farewells. Everyone goes back home, back to our lives.

I am very grateful to have shared this journey with all of you. Friendships that arise in moments like this always has something special and, above all, they remain vivid for a long time. With a heavy but happy heart, we say goodbye!

– Chantale Lecours, Photographe & blogger for On the Tip of the Toes Foundation