Mon enthousiasme

This morning, my enthusiasm wasn’t sure if it still wanted to continue the expedition. Yesterday, it was fine, it was at the top of excitement. He was filled with the amazing sun on the water shore. It strutted around the campfire when playing mafia, like a rooster on the barnyard. Mafia is the Anglo version of the werewolf game, if ever you’re wondering.

However in the middle of the night, the cold weather forecasted for days finally showed up. I missed the tuque I had left at the bottom of my barrel, outside the tent. It took some time in the morning, after the ukulele’s call, to convince it to come out and join my tent partners who were already filling up on grilled oatmeal and toast on the fire.

Cold wind, low and threatening clouds, thick greyness: my enthusiasm flattened like a dehydrated bok choi leaf not daring to show its teeth when it smiles. Already, it imagined me facing six-foot waves for hours with a headwind and the sky falling on our head without endlessly.

We pulled on our wetsuit, got our tuques out, our rain boots and gloves to face the weather. I was still happy. I really felt myself part of an adventure with challenges to overcome my limits. My enthusiasm watched me go, a little contemptuous, kind of saying, “Gees! You’re so disconnected from reality, kiddo.”
Still, the waves were not even that strong and it was not raining. Then the wind even lightened. We rowed like pros singing songs to give us courage and digging our brains to solve the Marie-Michelle and Naïla’s riddles: “It’s a 4 ’10′ old lady who lives in a residence, on the 13th floor. On sunny days, she goes outside, always taking the stairs. On rainy days, she takes the elevator. Why?”. When I go home in a few days, will you be able to give me the answer?

For lunch, we landed on a tiny beach, a little sheltered. We had a good fire going. This sweet heat managed to rekindle my enthusiasm. After, we played “Alibaba and the forty thieves” and then “Big Fat Pony”. Irresistible to clear the grouchiness that was clinging to my enthusiasm’s life jacket.

We then arrived at the fourth camp, greeted by one of the very few clearings of the day. Mario invited us to stretch out on the beach, fill up with the sun and feel the ground faithfully supporting us.

I sent my enthusiasm to fight against squads of flies and mosquitoes waiting for us at the end of the bay. I take this opportunity to continue to have a good time with the group. I will leave it two bruschettas for courage. They are the best in the world. They will reach its soul.

Thanks to you, Life!