Expédition au Canada

I’m really just so excited! That’s it, it’s happening today! I’ve been thinking about this trip for as long as I can remember. It was a really long day. I was at the airport just too much happiness. I still had my eyelids glued together and the pillow printed in the face when the plane took off.

But I still took the trouble to hug my father, mother and sister in my arms before getting past security. We’ve never hugged so hard in all my life, I’m sure. It’s as if I realized, suddenly, how much I care about them. Yes, it’s true. Just writing it like that, it strikes me again. I care about them! It’s stupid maybe, but I didn’t think I would ever feel like that.

This is the first time I travel alone by plane, and it’s to fly across the whole country. Canada is a huge country! And Montreal, in any case the airport is confusing! I am very proud of myself for finding my way to my flight to Québec City.

And the hotel in Quebec is classy. The rooms are large and comfortable. I have never seen such a beautiful hotel in my life. I feel like a star traveling to give a show in another city. A mega show of ukulele! Did I tell you that I brought my ukulele? In addition, Catherine, one of the organizers brought hers as well. We will duet with hell together!

And we ate the best poutine and the best chicken wings in the world at Cage Sport. It’s really a great atmosphere this restaurant. Especially since I was able to connect with other participants and accompanying persons. It was just missing the four from Alberta who are coming too late tonight. I can not wait to meet them. I’m sure they’ll be as cool as the rest of the gang. Already, I feel that it will be super trippy! I who could not make me friends!

I even realized at dessert that I had not thought of my parents for more than two hours.

I told you? I’m really just too excited! I do not know how I’m going to sleep tonight. At worst, we have an 11-hour bus ride to go tomorrow. I can always take a nap!