Yna Manicouagan 2019

But what have I come here for? First, I didn’t really sleep at all last night, and just when I started to fall asleep, the phone rang to wake us up. What? Already 5 a.m.?

Then already during breakfast, it’s buzzing in French around me. I realize that I don’t remember anything of all my French courses! Fortunately, the guides are really cool and they give all their explanations in both languages. I can still understand the important things and half of the participants are English-speaking and a part of the gang speak both languages. It’s like Samuel. He is lucky: he speaks both French and English!

The bus impressed me. I didn’t think we would have a bus that big and comfortable to hit the road. Luckily! Because we were in it more than twelve hours in order to reach the camp at Uapishka, on the verge of the Manicouagan Reservoir. Up to Baie-Comeau, I must say that it went well anyway, but after the pizza at Marco Pizza, we turned left in the land. This is where the roller coaster started. Turn on the right, turn on the left, bump up and down, for more than 300 km!

I would have liked to change my mind by taking part with others to Marie-Michelle and Catherine’s knot course and other discussions, but I have not yet managed to overcome my embarrassment. Yet it looks cool to share with others. I look at Adélie. She gives me hope. Apparently, she took part in another expedition last fall with the Foundation while she was in treatment and she was super shy. Well, now, it doesn’t show. She has great fun, she talks to others as if she had known them for a long time.

We played a cool game on the bus that gave me the opportunity to know more about others, a kind of speed dating. We had one minute to ask someone questions to get to know them better, then we changed person. Afterwards, in a big group, we pooled what we had learned about each one. I hope we’ll have time to finish the game tomorrow because it really helps me to know others.

Then, all of a sudden, the Manic-5 dam appeared in ahead. It’s gigantic! I didn’t expect that! My doubts about the trip suddenly seemed very small to me. I’m really lucky to be able to come here. There is no one in my family or my friends who have come this far I am sure. And when I arrived in Uapishka, it struck me that nature is huge, calm and soothing. The mountains overlooking the reservoir, the forest embraces everything.

I think I’m going to sleep so well tonight in our little cottage because I’m tired from my day. Tomorrow, if the weather is nice and warm like today, it will be the best conditions to put the voyager canoes in the water.

I can’t wait until tomorrow!