Grande expédition hiver 2018 (14-18) - Jour 4

The icy surface from the rain in the days before our arrival has us hike in the forest towards one of the camps used for dogsledding. For the time being, trail conditions make dogsledding too dangerous, especially for dogs that could hurt their feet by running on ice-hardened snow trails.

We set up camp at noon and spend a good part of the afternoon collecting the wood we will need to heat the two tents. Donald, one of the guides, admits that he has never collected so much wood in one afternoon! Our team is energetic! We will get water from the river and boil it to make sure it is clean. In short, we experience the life of coureurs des bois!

No dogsledding today but we worked hard… It’s no surprise that everyone is getting a second helping during supper. It must be said that the food is excellent; we are coureurs des bois treated with care! We’ll go to bed early tonight on full stomachs.

Outside, light snowflakes twirl in the night. The evening is conducive to exchanges and the night leads to dreams while the fire crackles in the chimney of our tents…

Hubert Hayaud, Blogger and Photographer for the On the Tip of the Toes