GRAND EXPEDITION SUMMER 2018 (19-29) – DAY 11 – Say, We’ll Meet Again…

As a countdown, we began each in our own corner, in our own little heads, to put back the elements that would bring us closer to our reality. My way of looking at it was to see the projects that I have on my plate when I return, starting by going back to my family. Then, small renovations, friends, activities … so much so that the last moments seemed to be flying by, certainly a logical way to begin the separation. However, I had the impression that people were not saying goodbye. The discussions were already centred on ways to meet again or at least keeping in touch. Rather, it was the separation of a space-time that was intended to be unreal. Unreal because this space was completely time filled, implicitly influenced by nature.

A little before leaving on expedition, when I was asked what I thought was the main reason that encouraged a participant to enter the adventure, I never answered with certainty. But I dared to believe that it was a need to speak; a form of self-evidence, knowing roughly where these young people had gone through.

In fact, I was wrong.

On the contrary, what these young people came here to do was to listen. When that listening is available, all actions are so much simpler. Especially the basic ones that we’ve done so well in the last few days: drinking, eating, sleeping, moving, speaking, understanding, listening.

Here, no one preaches through their own narrative, even though that it is necessary to engage. So authentic narrative becomes easy, because it’s very beneficial, as long as somebody listens to it. I believe that listening is the best way to validate oneself, in silence.

As a countdown, we left Geoff and Olivier. Steph, Leo and Larissa. Then Jemmy, Arnaud, Jessy, Youssef, Janny, Mikael, Vincent and Julie … and Simon and Myriam. Finally, Aurélie, Mario, Marie-Ève, Cindy and Marie-Michelle.

I’m sitting in front of my computer, in front of a fan. I think back to all those hours of typing.

You will all remain in my “Memory”.

May this adventure be a lever for undertaking!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Nicolas Tremblay, Blogger and Photographer for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation