Date of the activity

From February 5 to February 14, 2021

Registration Deadline

22 January 2021


This year the foundation brings the Double défi to your regions following all the sanitary mesures in force. The pandemic as a big impact on the lives of everyone and even on the ones of youth with cancer. This is why we need your support to be able to provide adapted adventures to youth with cancer in order to help them regain their well being.

This year, we challenge you to a new version of the Double défi. Take on a first financial challenge by raising 500$ for the foundation. Then you’ll have to take on a physical challenge of your choice by foot, snowshoe or ski joining virtually your efforts to the two Mario on the lake during their adventure of 200km over 10 days. This will challenge you physically and mentally, as experienced by the young people living with cancer who embark on an expedition with the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation. We enthusiastically invite you to take part in the Double Défi, an experience that aims to raise funds to permit young people living with cancer to participate in a therapeutic adventure.

You will also be able to live in the comfort of your home an adventure similar to the one people live usually on the lake with the new concept of the Double défi in a box. You will receive a package with goodies, activities and online meetings to help you live an incredible adventure.

How does it work?

To register yourself or your team, you must first fill out the registration form. You will have to pay a subscription fee of 50$.

Next, you undertake to raise funds for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation. Each person is required to raise a minimum of $500. This amount represents your ticket for your adventure in a box! The On the Tip of the Toes Foundation will support you in your fundraising by supplying you with different tools and documents.

And after that?

You will have to chose a physical challenge that represents a challenge and that respects your capabilities. We will provide support to help you develop your challenge and to make sure it will be done safely. This challenge will be done during the expedition of the two Mario on lake St-Jean from February 5th to 14th.

In January, you will receive containing many surprises and meetings to help you live an awesome experience.

In February, you will have the chance to win great prizes during a contest between all the participants who will have achieved their personnel campaign. This will be your chance to win your own adventure kit and get your hand on one of the 6 official Double défi sleds, the same one both Mario have been carrying across lake St-Jean over the years!

Double défi des deux Mario