How it works?

More than just outdoor activities, these expeditions are an opportunity for participants to meet other young people who share the same realities, to discuss, to understand each other and to build friendships while participating in an extraordinary challenge.

The expedition allowed me to enjoy the moment and enjoy life like never before! Nature has such healing powers and, for the body and mind, an energy more powerful than all the vitamins in the world.

Sarah V.

Participants and Parents

How much does it cost?

Our expeditions are totally free. We provide ALL the equipment and ALL meals; we take care of ALL activities and ALL the accommodation or transportation needs. Participants even receive an airline or bus ticket to the starting location. It doesn’t get any freer than that…

Who takes part?

Lots of great people!
Ten to fifteen young people from across Canada who are living with cancer. Those currently in treatment or living with limitations due to cancer can take part in our Getaway Expeditions, while those in remission can participate in our Great Expeditions.

How old are the participants?

Old enough to go on an adventure!
Some groups are composed of young people aged 14-18 and other groups aged 19-29. Occasionally we accept people in their early thirties.

Who will accompany the group?

Again, lots of awesome people! A doctor, a nurse, a psychosocial worker, professional adventure guides, a blogger/photographer and of course, two Tip of the Toes Foundation facilitators.

Where do the trips take place?

Throughout Canada!
So far, our expeditions have taken us walking in the Arctic, sailing around Cape Breton and the Magdalene Islands, paddling the Pacific coast, dogsledding in the Yukon, shooting the rapids in northern Ontario, trekking in the Rockies, snowmobiling in northern Quebec… the list is almost 50 expeditions long!

What are the activities?

Thrilling adventure activities!
The activities vary from year to year: canoeing, kayaking, rafting, sailing and trekking in summer and dog sledding, snowshoeing, skiing or snowmobiling in the winter.

What is a typical expedition like?

Smooth and progressive …
The first nights are spent in a cottage or inn to get to know each other and to master the basics of the activity as well as the outdoor equipment and the art of packing. We then leave inhabited areas to get off the beaten track. The level of difficulty and the distances gradually increase as the days go by. We often sleep in tents (even in winter, in heated tents) or in a shelter. There are many pleasant moments of sharing and reflection interspersed among the adventure activities.

How do we register?

The first step is to select the expedition in which the participant wants to take part. The participant will then be invited to fill out a form which allows us to learn more about the participants. Next step, we contact the participant who in turn discusses the project with his doctor. Once these steps have been completed, there is a second form to fill, more detailed than the previous one. Several health professionals in Canadian hospitals are familiar with the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation and may accompany participants throughout the registration process.

If none of the expeditions currently offered seem to be suitable for reasons of scheduling conflicts or for any other reason, it is also possible to register on our recall list. We would then contact you at the launch of our subsequent expeditions