Health and safety of participants

As therapeutic adventure specialists, the health and safety of the youths participating to our expeditions is dear to our hearts. We are proud of the fact that there have been no accidents in 20 years of expeditions.

As most of us know, cancer comes with its share of loss for our youths: loss of school time, of hair, eyelashes and brows; important weight loss; loss of body image; loss of favorite sports and activities; loss of joy of living; loss of vacations; loss of family routine; and overall, loss of one’s innocence. But, the Tip of the Toes Foundation offers GREAT GAINS for our youths: gain in adventure; gain in pleasure and joy of living; gain in meeting other youths undergoing similar experiences; gain in making new friends; gain in connecting with nature; gain in new experiences; gain in getting out of daily routines and surpassing oneself; gain in taking a moment to enjoy life; gain in experiencing feelings of well-being; and overall, gain of powerful inner strength.

Bonnie H, mother of Nicolas D.


Before leaving on an expedition, the Tip of the Toes Foundation organizes a meeting with participants, parents, guides and medical team to present the plan travel details. This makes it easy to address concerns and questions about the program.


The On the Tip of the Toes Foundation benefits from the collaboration of a medical advisory committee. Composed of oncologists, emergency physicians, general practitioners, psycho-social oncology nurses and social workers from across Canada, this committee is responsible for determining the medical criteria for participation in expeditions. If necessary, the committee will reassess the individual’s ability to participate in the planned expedition.

More specialists

A doctor, a nurse, and a social worker participate in the expedition. Although the guides and other Foundation personnel are trained in wilderness first aid, it is important for us to have the presence of health professionals at all times while on expedition.


The first aid kit developed by our medical team includes medication to deal with any eventuality. Our cutting-edge communications equipment allows us to keep in touch with civilization when we need to. Each expedition includes a satellite phone as the main means of communication as well as an internet connection satellite module and satellite beacons for sending text messages. Although all our equipment is of high quality and in excellent condition, we nevertheless carry spare equipment and repair kits.


For each expedition, the Tip of the Toes Foundation prepares complete rescue and emergency plans, including all the contacts for emergency services and the nearest hospitals. The time needed for a possible evacuation is accurately assessed and the trip is planned so as to be able to deal with any emergency. These plans are shared with the local police force prior to the expedition in order to facilitate their intervention in case of emergency. To date, such a situation has never happened.


In addition to the medical staff present during the expedition, Foundation facilitators are trained in wilderness first aid, as are the adventure guides who accompany us. Our facilitators are all qualified professionals with degrees relevant to our practice, such as a BA in Outdoor Recreation or a certificate in Youth Intervention.

Our accreditations

The On the Tip of the Toes Foundation is fully committed to not only adhere to but also to exceed the industry’s highest norms and standards. We are members of:

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Awards and recognition

The On the Tip of the Toes Foundation has received numerous awards and recognitions. Click here to learn more.