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Date of the Expedition

From February 26 to March 6, 2022

Registration Deadline

11 January 2022


Dog sled

Age Group

14 to 18 years old


This expedition will offer to a group of teenagers the chance to go on winter expedition somewhere fantastic with a lot of snow where the COVID situation will allow us to go.

The activity, the dates and the destination for this expedition aren’t confirmed yet. The pandemic situation is giving us a bit of a hard time, but we are constantly working to set up a great winter expedition for 2022. If you are interested by a winter adventure with a group of teenagers, you can apply online and we will get in touch with you with more details soon.

Expedition Members

On each expedition team there are two adventure facilitators whose role is to ensure the smooth running of all the activities. They are supported by a medical team – composed of a doctor, an oncology pivot nurse and a psychosocial worker – whose shared mission is to ensure the good health of all members of the expedition. In addition to these experts, each team includes professional guides with extensive knowledge of the activity as well as the area covered by the expedition, and a blogger responsible for capturing every moment of this great adventure in words and images.

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