19 to 29 years old | In remission

48 – Grand Expedition Summer 2017 – Canoe tripping on the Noire River, QC

Fondation Bon depart_coulThis expedition will allow 14 young adults in remission of a cancer to experience white water canoeing and to paddle hundreds of kilometres on one of the most majestic river in Quebec.

This expedition will be possible due to the generosity of Fondation Bon départ.


Here is what its said of the Noire River: It flows in an unspoiled natural environment. Crystal-clear water, pristine beaches, heavenly camp sites, mixed wood forests, abundant wildlife and quality fishing, the Noire River is as pleasant to discover as it is to navigate it. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in Quebec.

A few steps will be needed to get there! First of all, we will meet in Montreal to ride together by bus to a first site in the Outaouais region where we will prepare the expedition. Then the next day, another bus will take us to Lake Patrice, from where we will begin our descent on this majestic river dotted with numerous class I, II and III rapids. We will spend 7 days on the river paddling, portaging, fishing, swimming and discovering a new environment. To complete the expedition properly, we will have a whole day rafting on the Ottawa River.

Beyond the distance we will cover, this expedition is initially intended as an extraordinary group experience. In order to reach our destination and to live a rewarding and positive group experience, the contribution of each participant will be important.

Members of the expedition

We will be accompanied by a professional medical team – comprised of a physician, a nurse and a social worker – that oversees the health of all participants in the expedition. Seasoned “On the Tip of the Toes” facilitators ensure the smooth functioning of the expedition along with experienced adventure guides who are thoroughly familiar with the territory to be explored. We will also have a blogger who will take photos during the entire trip and write a daily blog.


''For once in my life, I felt as though I belonged somewhere with people. I felt as though I fit perfectly within one giant puzzle. I had no clue what day or time it was nor did I have any reflection of myself or body to compare in a mirror. I felt beautiful and confident and loved and at peace. I was truly and simply happy to its fullest extent and I was living in the moment. It felt incredible, physically I felt beautiful and strong, emotionally and psychologically I was able to address topics and feel them out and accept everything that was blocking me from happiness after cancer. This was the most incredible experience and I could not have imagined feeling so healthy in all 3 aspects!''

Madison M. E., participant of the summer 2016 expedition
''Home from a life changing experience with a group of wonderful people. Ten days of fun and extreeeeeeme bonding, along with the occasional rapid every now and then. I’m going to miss every single one of them very much and I will always have a special place in my heart and memory reserved for that wonderful expedition, all the people involved, and the Magpie River. Very few life changing events are for the better, but I think I can safely say that, for me at least, that was the most positive and most life changing experience so far in my life.''

Anthony S., participant of the summer 2016 expedition
More testimonies in the blog

Geography and History

The Noire River is located in the Pontiac region of Outaouais and flows into the Ottawa River just past the dam in the village of Waltham. The river has its source in Lake St-Pierre located in the La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve and then winds in the south-southeast direction on some 238 km.

“The history of the development of the Outaouais region has often found its origin in the Pontiac region. There, we can find some of the most ancient traces of human occupation, shortly after the withdrawal of the Champlain Sea. Archeological digs on Morrison Island revealed that the river in Pontiac had become ‘the copper road’, starting from the Great Lakes and up into eastern Quebec.

Subsequently, ‘’the fur trade route’’ took over other trades before making way a few centuries later, to the log drive. These industries have led Europeans to gradually develop the banks of the river and the entire current MRC, in order to organize their commerce and industry needs. ”

sources: http://outaouais.quebecheritageweb.com

The name Pontiac, which designates this region, comes from the name of a former Grand Chief of the Odawas (Outaouais) in the region of Lake Nipissing and Supreme Head of the Confederation of the Algonquin of the Great Lakes. In 1763, he started a war against the British. He tries to convince all Amerindian tribes to fight at his side. Thomas Gage, then Governor of Montreal had just banned trade with les pays d’En-Haut, which then meant the Outaouais territory.

Hosting and transport

Welcoming of participants in Montreal, time and place of appointment to be determined. Buses travelling to Davidson and preparing for the expedition, introduction to canoeing, sleeping in camping at the base camp of Esprit Rafting

Expedition start

Travelling by bus to Lake St-Patrice for launching, start of the expedition.


Expedition on the Noire River, paddling every day, overnight camping

Rafting day

Full day rafting on the Ottawa River

Return home

Returning trip to Montreal and then back home.