May 5, 2019

Marie-Hélène Côté

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Set yourself a goal, raise funds, shave your head and contribute to a cause that changes lives!
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The Marie-Hélène Côté Shave-o-thon of the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation is an initiative of Réjean Côté and Dominique Larouche whose daughter, Marie-Hélène, was a participant in the hiking expedition on Ellesmere Island in the Arctic in 2000.

In order to thank the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation for providing the happy last moments for his daughter, Marie-Hélène’s father, Réjean Côté, placed a price on his own head in 2001. He collected some $800 that he has generously donated to us. Over the years, over 2 million dollars were raised by more than 1,200 brave supporters.

Ever since, many great achievements were registered in the history of the Shave-o-thon. The success of this event is largely due to the huge generosity of the people of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region and elsewhere who dare to place a price on their heads or who generously support our participants in their fundraising activities. This success would not be possible without the dedication of the organizing committee, the involvement of all our volunteers and honorary presidents, our generous sponsors and donors and, of course, our brave “shavees” throughout the years.

Bolstered by the invaluable support we receive, we have the highest hopes for the coming years. Again this year, generous and motivated individuals are already declaring themselves willing to shave their heads to raise funds for our organization. Will you be among them?

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Participants' testimonies

“It is for me an experience rich in friendships and pride – this experience has refocused me. Living the experience of seeing unknown people looking at you with no hair makes me live what each child living with cancer must inevitably face. It has allowed me to live in the present moment and especially to put into practice healthy life habits with my own child and to tell him how much I love him more often.”
Marjolaine D.
Shaved in 2016

“How to describe my experience? I can tell you that my friend, Nicolas B, and I have fully invested ourselves in this project and it was worth it. I discovered that many people that were simple acquaintances came to congratulate me, to encourage me and mostly to donate. I truly appreciated those moments. We underestimate the interior force that we can have when we truly believes in something that profoundly touches us.”
Jocelyne T.
Shaved in 2014

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How does it work?

The Marie-Hélène Côté Shave-o-thon, a very festive occasion, is held in the month of May at the St-Bruno Arena in Marie-Hélène’s birthplace. The “shavees” and their fans arrive in the morning to enjoy a tasty and generous brunch before attending a highly colorful show of the future “shavees” who come on stage to the sound of music and under the encouraging shouts of the bustling crowd hosted by our master of ceremonies. Fun and thrills guaranteed!

Other similar activities are also planned by organizations supportive of the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation, such as the Séminaire de Chicoutimi, the Oasis Training Center of Chicoutimi and the high school Pavillon Wilbrod-Dufour from Alma.

There are several ways to participate in the Marie-Hélène Côté Shave-o-thon.