February 23, 2019

CRYO Races

The CRYO Races are a truly unique event in which we offer runners make a winter crossing of Lake St-Jean in the dim light of winter. Illuminated by headlamps, the participants will find themselves in the middle of a sea of ice facing the physical and psychological challenges of this crossing. Running on groomed trails, they will be supervised and supported no matter which distance they choose.


Be one of 200 people who will have the chance to mark the history of the Lac Saint-Jean by taking up the physical and psychological challenge of the CRYO Racing Events! Two distances are on the program allowing casual runners, Ultra Trail runners and marathoners to find a challenge that meets their desire.

Like the Marie-Hélène Côté’s Shave-O-Thon, the Double défi des deux Mario and Celebrate Life, CRYO Racing Events allow the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation to continue its mission. Inspired by the young participants in the Foundation’s expeditions, each runner is committed to raising funds en route to the February 2020 event.



32km: $ 100 upon registration and $ 1000 in donations
10km: $ 75 at registration and $ 500 in donations
* receipts for tax purposes may be issued according to the conditions of the foundation

To live this event from another point of view, join our team of dynamic volunteers who will be at the forefront of this winter crossing of the Lac Saint-Jean.