Rabaska et montagnes

As they do at the beginning of each experience, Marie-Michelle and Catherine gathered us in our dining room to talk about the rules of life within the group. They did not name anyone, but I still felt targeted.

I am a girl who needs a little more self esteem. I know that I am a good person. At the same time, I feel like I could be better too. With my friends at school, and at home with my two brothers, we are used to fooling around. I imagine like all brothers and sisters. It’s never meant to be nasty, like “Of course, you don’t even know how to tie shoes on your own”. Nevertheless, sometimes, I tell myself that it’s as if we were bringing others down to make ourselves look better. I don’t like it when others do it with me, but I don’t stop myself from doing it to others. Yet, in the end, it doesn’t increase my self esteem, far from it. And it doesn’t give others the taste to reach out to me, I guess.

Marie-Michelle and Catherine told us about the importance of treating others as we want to be treated and they insisted on mutual respect. It is clear that this is how I want it to happen in the group. I’m sure I can find a way to take my place in the expedition in a positive and inclusive way, as the coaches say. “Inclusive”: it sounds sweet to my ears. Everyone has his or her place!

Besides, it was cool to see Jack and Lily have fun finding an element of the periodic table for each letter of the alphabet while rowing. It got out of control when new chemical elements were created like “futon”and “crouton”. Things to reinvent the universe! I felt that these two had just found a place where they could have fun and that had a positive impact on all.

During that time, I was almost hypnotized while rowing, with the blogger in the background chanting a mantra, like a Buddhist monk, to set the pace and synchronize our paddles. It really allowed me to focus on my thoughts and energy on my rowing and forget my morning torments.

As the weather changed from the rainy and windy cold at the beginning of the day to make way for the sun in the heat, I too got off to a good start. I arrived at our new camp site with the determined resolution to have a positive attitude to enjoy even canoeing for the rest of the adventure.

The beautiful sunset on the calm water and the mountains while we sing songs around the campfire in unison. What a great way to get a good cruising speed for the rest of the expedition!