Samuel Ouellette


Legendary Adventurer

Since my young age, I had the privilege to be introduced to activities in nature by my parents. At eight years old, I climbed mounts Lafayette, Lincoln, and Haystack in the White Mountains (NH), with my small backpack. Since then, mountains never stopped calling me. I still hike, but ultra trail running is the main part of my training and sport practice nowadays. In one year (2018-2019), I completed the 46 4000ft+ summits in the Adirondacks (NY), a challenge some take years or even decades to accomplish. I’m now what hikers call a “46er”. In summer as well as in the winter, I chased every summit with the ambition to surpass myself, with unforgettable memories.

In the last years, I completed many ultra trail races (50 to 80K), notably the Grand-Duc Trail in the Jacques-Cartier National Park (66K). Given the pandemic context, my other challenges have been overtaken in full autonomy (Boucle du diable, Mont Tremblant National Park, 52K; Défi Inclusactif, Laurentides-Lanaudière, 100K). To avoid injuries (and have fun, of course!), I also practice road cycling (2500K/year), paddleboarding, open-water swimming, and other sports.

In February 2022, I had the chance (yes, the chance, despite the extreme winds) to be on Lake St-Jean to support the micro-CRYO runners. Whether from the volunteers, organization committee, or participants: we could feel a real desire to help and contribute to the cause, which, we must admit, is bigger than ourselves. I was able to observe that the organisation’s values match my own.

There’s no greater adventure than helping others. Summits, elevation gain and kilometers: this is quite temporary compared to what the On the Tip of the Toes provides to youth affected by cancer. With the sport projects I’m about to take up in the upcoming years, I’d like to act as an ambassador for the foundation to raise awareness and inform people in my network about the role played by the foundation. When I’ll face difficulties on a summit or on a trail, I’ll remember that my pain is short-lived. Some youths don’t have this chance.

In 2022, I will be running the Clinique du Coureur Trail (June 5th – 50K), but my main challenge will be the Jay Peak Trail Running Festival (September 3rd), a 53K in the Green Mountains (VT). Only 53K? Yes, but it’s the 3000m+ climb that make your head spin.

You can say that again! I have great sport ambitions for the years to come. In the next two years, I’d like to try the autonomous and full “hut to hut” crossing of the White Mountains, a section of the Appalachian Trail that’s 79K with a 5000m+ elevation gain on the highest mountains in the North-East US. I hope I have the chance to travail internationally and increase my distances progressively. With my partners, I want to develop trail running in the Laurentides’ by creating a club. In conclusion… there’s no shortage of challenges!


My Past Adventures


46 summits more than 4000′  in the Adirondacks (2018-2019)

484K, 28 341 m+, 141 hours

Grand-Duc Trail

66K – Jacques-Cartier National Park (2019)

Devil's Loop

FKT, 2020 on the Devil’s Loop (Boucle du diable), 50K – Mont Tremblant National Park


100K attempt in complete autonomy – Laurentides-Lanaudière (2020)

Stopped after 70K