Jean-Mathieu Chénier


Legendary Adventurer

Crédit photo : Gabriel Rivett-Carnac

Backwoods bum with a big heart, I’m more in my element on a trail than in an office. In fact, I have some difficulty finding my place in this modern world and that’s why I prefer to be in nature. The world seems so much simpler, so much more beautiful when I’m running in the woods.

Even though I’ve been an outdoor enthusiast since I was a teenager, it was only after having gone through a depression that I realized how much running and adventure in general could have beneficial effects on my life, state of mind and mental health. This is one of the things that motivated me to get involved with the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation. If adventure and nature can help a guy who struggles with the boredom of everyday life, imagine what it can do to a young person who is fighting cancer.

In addition, I have always had trouble finding the balance between adventure and social involvement; for more than 15 years I have been constantly oscillating between the two. An intense period of adventure is followed by an intense period of social involvement which, a few years later, is inevitably followed by another intense adventure. It never ends.

However, this time I intend to seek balance by combining adventure and involvement as an ambassador for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation.

After many trips such as being a hiking guide in Nicaragua and walking across the island of Reunion, after making a thru-hike of 3600 km on the Appalachian Trail, after about twenty half marathons and marathons as well as a dozen ultra-marathons, I hope now to continue to explore and push my limits in the name of a cause and in the service of young people who do not have it as easy as I do.

I have just completed the 125 km Ultra-Trail Harricana, the longest distance in my life and I am now preparing for the 80 km Bromont Ultra. All the while I have been speaking to people as much as possible about the mission of the foundation and raising funds to help finance future expeditions.

I also plan to participate for a second year in the race across Lac St-Jean during the CRYO 2020 this winter. This event is organized specifically to raise funds for the foundation and I particularly enjoyed it last year.

After that, there is nothing set in stone, but I would like to participate in the Canadian Death Race in Alberta and a legendary race such as the Western States in California, the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc in the Alps and/or the Grand Raid of Reunion Island. I would also like to redo a long expedition like walking across Japan.

One thing is certain: I hope to contribute to the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation through my next adventures, no matter where they take me!

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My Past Adventures

Reunion Island

Crossing of Reunion Island on foot via the GRRR2 trail (140 km from St-Denis to St-Philippe) – 2009

Appalachian Trail

Complete crossing of the American portion of the Appalachian Trail (3600 km thru-hike) – 2011

Lake Saint-Jean

Crossing of the Lac St-Jean during the CRYO races – 2019
Photo credit: Gwano

Gatineau Park

Run the 150 km of the Bad Beaver Ultra over 3 days in less than 20 hours – 2019
Photo credit: Gabriel Rivett-Carnac


Run the 125 km of Ultra Trail Harricana de Charlevoix in less than 24 hours – 2019
Photo credit: UTHC


Run the 80 km of BromontUltra in less than 11 hours – 2019
Photo credit: Alex-Sandra Naud