Bruno Plourde


I first became aware of On the Tips of the Toes in November 2019. I was immediately moved by the work of this exceptional foundation. I also discovered a cause that merged some of my dearest personal values : my belief that nature and the outdoors can heal; my conviction that humans grow by overcoming challenges; my love for our upcoming generations, whatever their background, origin or social status.

For quite some time, I’ve had the desire to “give meaning” to my love of the outdoors. I already find great satisfaction in all my activities (solo, with friends or with my family), but wanted to do more with my “micro-adventures”. Being an Ambassador for the Foundation motivates me to get out there as often as I can; every step I take resonates the marvelous work On the Tips of the Toes accomplishes daily.

My relationship with nature

I started “playing outside” at the age of 12. At the time, I was into sports that give an adrenaline rush (alpine skiing, snowboarding, white water kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing). With age, I turned to activities of a “contemplative” nature. Hiking (day hikes or multi day travels) has been my activity of choice for a couple of years now, but snowshoeing, canoeing, backcountry camping and bikepacking are also up there. I NEED this contact with Mother Nature, this intimate relationship with the outdoors, by myself or with my family. Living outdoors is an ESSENTIAL break from the rat race. It is a reminder that simplicity and focusing on the essentials is an important key to achieving balance and happiness. And although I consider myself “contemplative”, it seems I still can crank out the miles at an impressive rhythm.

Marche à suivre

In the near future, I aim completing a couple of self-sustained section hikes (5 to 10 days), in preparation for longer journeys : Rideau Trail (Kingston to Ottawa, 387 km); Superior Trail (Minessota USA, 500 km); Sentier International des Appalaches (SIA — Quebec, 650 km); Bruce Trail (Niagara Escarpment, 900 km)

My ultimate goal is to complete long distance thru-hikes: first the Appalachian Trail (3500 km), then the Pacific Crest Trail (4250 km).

My Past Adventures

Discovering the joy of hiking

In my teens, I was an alpine ski racer, then ski instructor/coach. Before getting my driver’s permit, I used to bike from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant 2 or 3 times each summer. Winter 2018, I hiked the Sentier des Caps de Charlevoix. This was my longest self-sustained hike yet (at below 20 Celcius temperatures…) and was the adventure that bit me with the “hiking bug

Défi des 5 sommets

Summer 2019, I hiked 8 trails in 6 days in wonderful Charlevoix, reaching the 6 summits of the Défi des 5 sommets de Charlevoix (you read right : the Défi has 5 summits + 1 “mystery” summit).