Expédition traversée des deux mario par Patrice Beriault - Jour 2

While the first day provided us with some emotional adventures, we could think that the second day would be a little … quieter! It meant forgetting that the Mario had promised us a real expedition!

As the route was changed for the occasion (read: the strong winds), we walked 5 kilometres through the Pointe-Taillon forest along Lac St-Jean under the sun and gusting winds. Then, we turned onto the lake and walked in a big curve back to the camp on the lake. Unlike Friday, when we were assaulted by the bad weather, Saturday was sunny from start to finish and the last leg of the journey was walked with the wind behind us.

This day, as was yesterday, is for many a self-discovery with weather constraints and the physical investment forcing us to go and get the best of everyone. In addition, the group atmosphere is a unique stimulus supporting everyone throughout the expedition. This experience is a first for many participants, and we learn from it, discovering our strengths and weaknesses. An exercise of humility in the face of nature that draws the best of us.

While I am writing, all the participants are gathered in another tent to share the touching testimonies of three young people who participated in a therapeutic adventure expedition with the On the Tip of the Toes. I hear the laughter and the good mood under the domes, despite the -25 °C degrees.

As we stand together, we warm up!

Patrice Beriault, Blogger and Photographer for On the Tip of the Toes Foundation