Expédition traversée des deux mario par Patrice Beriault - Jour 3

Sunday morning. The sun rises on Lac St-Jean through a curtain of snow-covered clouds. Participants are gathered near the kitchen. Hot water vapours wrap people around the counter with a warm cloud. The snow under their steps is crisp and the quiet smiles and by joyful conversations emerge while waiting for the last departure.

The air is cold, the wind is soft. Shortly before departure, participants help the team dismantle the tents and finish packing on their sleigh.

The sun heats up the air despite the -21 °C. We are ready, the start signal is given, and it is to the sound of snowshoes and skiing on the snow that we get going.

With the first day’s twists and turns, this part of the journey will be shorter but not less pleasant. Arriving at the base camp, we head towards Roberval’s Village de glace, where a wonderful crowd welcomes participants along the ice circle.

This 23rd journey will remain unique in that it has distinguished itself from all others. The lake came forward as did the weather, but overall, the participants, fabulously mentored by the team, were worthy of their mission and performed admirably.

Many are already looking forward to next year!

So am I!

Thanks to the On the Tip of the Toes team for giving me the opportunity to come along, and thanks to all the participants who made my task more enjoyable. To the volunteers, you have been inspiring and will continue to be so for many of us.

P.S.: Oh, and we saw a moose crossing the lake!

Patrice Beriault, Blogger and Photographer for On the Tip of the Toes Foundation