Justine Delisle, CPA, CA, Pl. Fin.

Partner, Richter

«There is something magical about adventure in nature; the connection between the outdoors and mental health is undeniable. By offering young people with cancer the opportunity to get away from the hospital setting and take part in a therapeutic expedition in nature, the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation plays an important role in their mental well-being. A breath of fresh air, the opportunity to face challenges and extend one’s limits in a context supervised by health professionals, the experience offered to these young people is essential in a long-term vision of mental and emotional well-being. It was an easy choice for me to get involved on the Board of Directors as President and to join the dynamic, inspiring and dedicated team of Celebrate Life Ambassadors! I invite you today to make a donation that will concretely change the lives of many young people affected by cancer.»

Thank you!

By contributing to the Celebrate Life campaign, you are changing the life of youths affected by cancer and their families.

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