Expédition traversée des deux mario par Patrice Beriault - Jour 1

On the first day of the third Double défi des deux Mario, the Lac St-Jean and the weather gave us quite a view.

And it is with modesty that we must embrace it. Crossing Lac St-Jean during the winter means accepting the unpredictable! When Nature speaks, you have to listen.

Friday begins in drizzling rain as participants, encouraged by the two Mario and Yan Goyette, head for Camp 1. Barely an hour after the departure, the skies cleared up and made way for a sunny day until the White Out kicked in! A huge cloud fell on the participants for about 30 minutes, and as suddenly as it appeared, it disappeared leaving behind great winds!

By mid-afternoon, the winds increased in intensity until the walkers arrived at the evening camp, with gusts of nearly 80 km/h blowing on the lake. As the volunteer team completes the installation of the last tent, the decision is made to go back since the winds are bullying the tents. To ensure everyone’s safety, the participants are then informed of the situation and it is with serenity that they accept the decision while the team is already preparing to return to Pointe-Taillon on snowmobiles. All participants are transported to the Pointe-Taillon cottage to stay overnight while the camp is dismantled.

As these words are written, the participants are sleeping in the big cottage hall while we wait for the last volunteers to return, before getting a short night’s sleep, because it’s not over yet!

Tomorrow, Saturday, the adventure continues! We will return on the lake to take on the challenge.

But in the meantime, a little rest awaits us!

Patrice Beriault, Blogger and Photographer for On the Tips of the Toes Foundation.