Expédition automne 2017 jour 3

Fishing morning. Aiden catches a nice smallmouth bass. His patience paid off. Tonight, we will learn to cook on a campfire and we will taste his catch.

The light gently makes its way through the forest and shines on our still sleeping faces. Smell of coffee, hot chocolate, a well-deserved breakfast, we take the time to wake up.

Life on Évasion is calm. Like a haven of peace. Team spirit can be felt. I watch them from a distance, vibrant, like a big family, a group of beautiful human being disconnected from the city and connected among them and with their environment. I find them beautiful. I am happy to be here; like them, I consider myself lucky to enjoy this experience.

Stretching, lively dances and morning warm-up… Another summer day on the water begins! Direction: the Green Island, then Natjelem Point, where we will set up our last camp.

The Green Island is a tiny paradise lost. Something of a basin where it feels good to live, to wade around in the water and to listen to the silence, but in our group, calm never lasts long. As soon as they reach their destination, a relay race is organized and, in turn, the youngsters swim across it. Encouragement… Cheers. The competition is tight; there are good swimmers among us. Again, the moment is precious and pleasant.

We are on expe-vacation. The heatwave continues. We feel good. We spend most of our lunch break in the water. A lively fishing course also takes place on an island in the middle of the bay. Simon is the line-casting winner. If we could, we would spend our day here, or even several days, but it is time to move on.

We paddle peacefully. Our goal: mindfulness… Letting go… The present moment. Take a break from our lives often too fast. We are happy not to know what time it is. In fact, it’s always quarter to!

Natjelem Point appears in a distance, like a mirage. During our last paddle strokes of the day, I take the opportunity to ask the participants to describe their experience in a single word.

Magical, getaway, first time, warmth, paradise, sun, connection, breathtaking, perfect, relax, good life, extraordinary, fantastic, splendid, and soothing.

Sometimes, few words are enough.

Geneviève Locas

Photographer / blogger for the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation