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Double défi des deux Mario

Donations: 1360 $ My objective: 1500 $
Getting diagnosed with cancer as a young adult took away my infinite belief in myself and my abilities. After treatment, I wasn’t able to do a fraction of any physical activity I was doing before cancer. When I went on the Magpie Expedition with On the Tip of your Toes – it showed me that I was still able to follow and do things I never imagined I could do. It was the tip of the journey for me in rebuilding my self-confidence. After that trip, I started standing on the tip of my toes thinking that it was possible – and now I don’t think it’s possible – I know. If it wasn’t for the work the foundation does I wouldn’t have fallen in love with life again – so I want to give back and hope that every young adult cancer survivor or patient, can stand on the tip of their toes with imagination of what is possible once again.