Parents testimonies

“Cristina and I would like to thank you both for making it possible for Chris to enjoy the expedition to Ellesmere Island. Chris had a wonderful time and I am sure that he will remember this trip for the rest of his life. I also expect that the friendships formed during the expedition will last a lifetime.

We appreciate just how much work is involved in planning and executing such a large expedition and really appreciate the personal commitment that you have both made. I do not know how you first formed the idea that such an adventure would provide challenges and therapy for young cancer survivors, but it is an inspirational idea. Chris has always been competitive in a positive way and we are sure that he will benefit greatly from this experience. He has always enjoyed physical challenges but since his illness he had become a little less confident in his own physical abilities. This will help to re-establish that confidence.

So thank you once again for making all this possible for Chris. We would like to keep in touch with you and the Tip-of-Toes organization and provide our personal support to this very worthy cause.” – Cristina and Peter B., Parents of Chris B.


“I want to thank you all. What you did for our young people is great. When we saw Annie’s face as she returned, radiant, serene and calm, she looked magnificent. Such a joy to witness this! It gives us wings! If I could, for a minute, make you feel what it made us as parents, you would understand that no words are strong enough to express what is happening in our hearts. It’s like an exploding bouquet of love, peace and happiness. it beats a 100 miles an hour and gives us that much needed fuel to move on. The whole family benefits from this well-being and life is more beautiful. So we experienced this beautiful adventure  in a different way, but just as rewarding. Thank you from the heart to all those who, near or far, participated in this project. I hope there are many more so that our teenagers and their families can also experience such great happiness.” – France  B. and Bernard L., Annie L.’s  parents


“Since his trip with the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation, Mickaël is doing very well and that surprises me a lot. Before leaving, he did not have a very good appetite, but did you know that he gained 5 lbs during these 8 days? Since his return, he thinks much less about his illness and seems to have renewed hope in life. He had a constant stomach ache 24 hours a day, and since his return, we haven’t heard anything about it! Mikaël has been sick for over a year. Since then, I have never felt so much joy and happiness at home. This joy and happiness have taken the place of the worries about my son and even my own!

Since the beginning of his illness, this is the first time I hear Mikaël make plans for the future. He wants to find a summer job, he also talks a lot about school and how he intends to put efforts into it. You know you and your organization have managed in a week what I have been trying to do for more than a year, that is restore in him the taste and hope in life. Thank you very much to everyone at the Foundation and greetings to all! ” – Normand L., Mickaël L.’s father


“The days go by and we think of you. Having had the chance to meet you greatly comforts us, your beautiful smiles and especially this great generosity we miss. We wish long life to the Foundation and say THANK YOU for this beautiful adventure, a great NATURE adventure as you alone can organize. Do not change and continue to share!” – Viviane and Alain R., Félix-Antoine R.’s parents


“I would like to thank everyone at the On the Tip of the Toes Foundation for offering my son Kyle a unique, educational and enjoyable trip this past summer. When we went to pick him up at the train station, we felt, for the first time since his diagnosis that he was his own self again; it was more like him. His smile gave off so much happiness and inner satisfaction. This trip has definitely brought him new hope for the future. He savoured every moment. He keeps talking about the trip since his return.


Thank you to each and every one of you. You are a wonderful and dedicated team. I cannot imagine how much work, planning and organizing is required for such a great adventure! You will be in our hearts forever.” – Kim B., Kyle B.’s mother


“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for these beautiful moments that you have allowed Felix to live. It’s an extraordinarily rewarding way to close the circle after a difficult year. I sincerely believe that it allows young people to leap into the future.” – Danielle L., Félix D.’s mother


“We don’t really know where to begin to thank you for the wonderful opportunity given to Hilary by your organization. This lifetime trip came at just the right time for her. She had a wonderful time and enjoyed making new friends and hearing their stories. We wish that we could meet each one of you to thank you! Thank you for all the organization, caring and dedication that made this a reality. Thank you for making each one feel special. We don’t know what the future holds for any of us, but you have given these special young people an opportunity to have a life experience they will always cherish and will help them on the challenging road that lies ahead.” – Hilary C.’s parents


“I can’t express in words how much this expedition meant to Breeann, and to us. She has regained self-confidence and she looks strong and healthy. Her outlook has dramatically improved. Allowing her to find herself again without the ‘’safety net “of her family is a gift we will treasure.  Thanks also for the blog. It made a nervous mom much more secure. Gratefully,” – Karen H., Karen H., Breeann H.’s mother


“Laurence came back with stars in her eyes. She spoke to us extensively about your adventures and her friends, but also about your guides’ expertise, their kindness and their reassuring presence. For me, this experience is a truly special moment that will mark her deeply. This organization is fantastic! Laurence draws from this adventure a wonderful energy, a confidence in her that transpires, and of course … some bites, on the skin, but especially that of fishing. 🙂 Receive (and pass on) all my admiration and my deepest thanks for this experience, certainly out of the ordinary.” – Stéphane Y., Laurence Y.’s father


“I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how amazing this foundation is. I have been watching the blog and what I am seeing is just amazing! I am so proud of them all and happy to see and be updated on what they are doing. Thank you ever so much for referring Jessica to this, it will definitely make a difference in her life!! Thank you!” – Gina d’E., Jessica R.’s mother


“Thank you! To you all the people who have enabled this great adventure, which could not have been experienced without your support. Thank you to those responsible for your dedication and love for these young people. This beautiful experience will be engraved forever in their memory. Thank you for allowing these young people to experience this fantastic trip and bring them happiness. Thank you for giving happiness to sick children; you are super important in the life of all these families. I finished this text by saying thank you! Thank you and thank you again!” – Lisette H., Jacob H.’s Grandmother


“I am so happy for him and also very proud of my little guy. Thanks to you, you have been able to fetch the … inside my son unlike me, his own mother, have not able to. With your expeditions, you took him out of his comfort zone, but what is best in this is that he pushed himself to the limit and now he is able to function almost normally. Thanks again.” – Kim C. H., David Q.’s mother


“I look forward to every morning to read your wonderfully written blog. I laugh and I am always very moved when reading your new adventures. I find you lucky to experience this surrounded by these beautiful people ready to do anything to provide you unique moments. Keep enjoying it to the max!!!!! You deserve it fully!!!!! ” – Karine M., Émile M.’s mother


“I am Richard’s mother who made the trip with you in February of this year. I think you remember him!? I’d like to let you know how much you helped Richard! Our happy young man is back!!!! When Richard left for this trip, he was a frustrated young man that was mad at the world. Since he has returned, he is happy. He accepted his illness and realized that he is not the only young person with cancer. You have given us back our Richard! There is no word to describe how much you have touched Richard. This experience is the best experience he has ever had. We are very grateful for everything you did for Richard. Even he says it was the best week of his life! Know that the impact you had on him is endless! We are and will always be grateful. Heartfelt thanks to you and your team. You are angels.

Thank you so much!!!” – Christine and Raymond M., Richard M.’s parents


“I just wanted to let you know, Dawson came home from the Quebec expedition grateful for the experience. He truly enjoyed himself and made some wonderful friends. Thank you again for this amazing opportunity for our son to experience.” – Tina & John L., Dawson L.’s parents


“Through Valérie’s rendition of the expedition days, we were able to appreciate all the details of the organization to the smallest details: food, luggage, security, dialogues, transport, etc. Now, almost a month later, we can also feel the repercussions of the expedition on Valérie’s actions: she is more sure of herself, feels more able to undertake what is dear to her heart. etc.

For these reasons and the many others that could be listed here, we would like to thank you warmly for the wonderful influence that the expedition has had and will have on Valérie’s life. She has had an extraordinary expedition, with unparalleled ‘therapeutic adventure facilitators’ who wear their hearts on their sleeves. Again, thank you so much and congratulations for your excellent work, so meaningful for those around you.” – Martine and Michel B., Valérie B.’s parents


“My son Yan loved his experience with you. Thank you so much to the whole team! It’s really great what you do for them.” – Yan L.’s Dad


“I just want to reach out and say thank you to you and everyone involved with this winter expedition for Zack.  It has truly touched his heart and mine for that matter.  We are in shock at this amazing experience he has been a witness to.  We cannot thank you all enough… There are really no words that can describe this beautiful gift, that will be with our child for the rest of his life!

What else can we say ????  Thank you seems like it falls a bit short!!  I can truly understand the magnitude of effort, love and work that went in to make this expedition come together as it did.  We should have written sooner…Zack has now come down with a cold / flu /fever and seems to have hit me as well.  Other than that…he has come back a changed boy and we are forever indebted! Thank you all again and we wish you all much love, health and happiness, Maria, Shawn Brandon , Zackory and Bella the dog Thibault!!! Xoxoxo” – Maria T., Zackory’s mother


“Just wanted to send a quick note to say a huge thank you for the wonderful expedition!  Ethan had such an awesome time and we were so excited to hear all about it.  I enjoyed following the blog and seeing all the pictures.

I am so happy that Ethan was able to participate in this adventure.  He will cherish the memories he made with this group for the his life! Tip of the Toes is Awesome! Thank you!!!” – Jennifer, Ethan’s mother