19 to 29 years old | In remission

44 – Grand Expedition Summer 2016 – Rafting on the Magpie River, QC

Rafting expedition on the Magpie River, Ranked 2nd in the world by the National Geographic for the quality of its rapids and its beautiful scenery.


August 19 th to 28 th, 2016




The Magpie river, Qc

Age group

19-29 years

Number of participants



Alexia N. Alexia N.
Ariele W. Ariele W.
Marc-André D. Marc-André D.
Diego M. Diego M.
Valérie B. Valérie B.
Jean-Christophe P.C. Jean-Christophe P.C.
Aurélie V.G. Aurélie V.G.
Aaron D.C. Aaron D.C.
Eric N. Eric N.
Madison Joy M.E. Madison Joy M.E.
Anthony R.S. Anthony R.S.
Mario B.L. Mario B.L.
Tanya J. Tanya J.
Roya S.G. Roya S.G.
Gabrielle S. Gabrielle S.


Catherine Provost
Marc-André Galbrand
Mario Bilodeau


"How to describe this journey that will forever remain in my memory? For me, no words can describe the experience we had. This trip is for me a fresh start. It allowed me to meet wonderful people and especially to detach myself from my cancer and its world, to go forward and regain a taste for life."
Jessica R.
"As I said during our second-last evening, for me an experience like this is a must. Having to excel, to meet new people, and of course, to have fun during this expedition will remain in my memory forever. A HUGE THANKS to the Foundation and the whole team that was behind the expedition!"
Francis P.
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Along the path...

They did not know it was impossible.

So they did it.

-Mark Twain